[gs_9a] [capc ltr=”A”]s teachers, we are told that students need to learn “21st Century Skills.” What does that mean? How are skills for the 21st century different than skills for the 20th century or the 22nd century? As educators, we need to give up the technological gimmicks and focus on the skills students actually need. Technology should be an aid not a burden to both students and teachers.

So what do students really need to learn? Not how to create a blog, but how to write a blog with the style and content that grabs readers’ attention. Not how to create a website, but what images and text can do to capture and inform the reader. Not how to use PowerPoint, but how to engage an audience and make them excited. I Teach with Tech aims to help teachers form the missing link between curriculum and technology. You will find technology guides as well as real-world classroom uses and ideas that have been field-tested in actual classrooms.

I am a high school English teacher in California, so my initial posts will skew towards the humanities and secondary education material, but I will broaden the focus as the site grows. If you have any ideas or suggestions or are interested in providing a guest post, please let me know!



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